Happy World Penguin Day!

Happy World Penguin Day!

This celebration is held each year on April 25 as the annual migration of these adorable flightless birds begins.




During one of the landings, at Petermann Island, Antarctica, a participant in the Antarctic Biennale, Alexander Sekatskii, an Associate Professor of St. Petersburg University, writer and philosopher, held the first-ever “Lecture to the Penguins.“ Sekatskii noted that though he was more accustomed to lecturing students, “the penguins were a grateful and keen audience too.” The lecture was dedicated to the idea of pure contemplation, without which human beings can’t find a common language with Nature and wildlife. Such a language, is the language of art.
The Antarctic Biennale incorporates artistic, scientific, and philosophical methodologies to address “shared spaces” such as Antarctica, the Ocean and the Cosmos.

Antarctica is a continent that encourages people to think about the future of humanity and culture, and provides an opportunity to create new ways of approaching and seeing life on our planet.

Music: Requiem for the Antarctic Coast
Created for the Antarctic Biennale
Composer: Lou Sheppard

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